Becoming A Bailbonds Agent in Dade County

Written on June 16, 2012 by admin in Bail Bonds

Being a bail bond agent in Dade County is an extremely rewarding profession. Even though the fee on a bail bond is just 10% of the bail bond cost, Dade is so thickly possible that on an average a bailbond agent working in that county can easily earn between $25,000 to $50,000 per year. Regardless of the money one can make through it, the profession of a bail bond agent is extremely important. Here are a few steps to becoming a bail bondsman in Dade County:

  • Gain Some Knowledge: It is essential for those who want
    to play the role of a bail binds agent to gather a good amount of information
    about the profession. Talking to those who are related to the profession or are
    working with the law will help gain a profound industry as well as market
    knowledge. Also, creating a strong network will help you updated with
    everything important going on in the region, from a legal point of view. This
    learning state should be your focus prior to getting a license.
  • Gaining Approval: Once you have learned what the
    profession is all about, you can apply for a license to become a bail bond
    agent.  The first step to becoming a
    licensed agent is to take an approved 120 hours course. The next thing you need
    to do is to take up an approved correspondence course. Post that you have to
    submit an application for temporary license for an agent and undergo a
    background check. A one year long internship under a licensed agent follows as
    the next step, which has to be completed by giving an examination by the state
    Department of Financial Services.

The qualifications of a bail bond agent include a temporary license for Limited Surety Agent. Otherwise you can apply for a license of a
Professional Bail Bond Agent. You must have worked under that specific license for at least a year before you apply for a permanent license. Once you are
properly licensed you can be designated as a bail bondsman.

Becoming A Bail Bonds Agent In Florida

Written on June 11, 2012 by admin in Bail Bonds

In Florida, the profession of a bail bonds agent is an extremely respected one. The city of Florida is one region in the whole of United States, which has tremendous requirement for bail bondsman who can work in the profession with much ease, professionalism and discipline. The state of Florida very carefully regulates the bail bond service industry. It is required of one to professionally educated and certified if he/she wants to become a bail bondman in Florida. A number of requirements and criteria are to be fulfilled if one wants to enter the profession of a bail bondsman. Some of them are listed as follows:


  • Completing The Mandatory Course:
    The first step to becoming a Florida
    bail bondsman
    is to take- up and complete the state-approved 120 hour
    course. This is basically a certification course that includes lessons on
    practices of a bail bondsman. It also teaches the prevalent laws and
    educates one about bail recovery process.
  • Qualifying the Correspondence Course:  Post completing the state-approved
    mandatory course, one is supposed to go through the Florida state-approved qualification
    course. There is a particular fee that you have to pay for this course;
    however, the amount of the fee varies.
  • Applying For License: The next
    step would be to obtain, fill and submit the application for a Limited
    Surety Agent Temporary License. There are a few additional documents that
    you will be required to submit along with this application. A background
    check on this stage accompanies the application submission process.


One is required to wait until one requires the license. Thereafter, you will be required to complete a year long internship under a
licensed Floridabail bondsman. Examinations are the final hurdle to becoming a bail bondsman. Post this you are ready to take up your duty.