Florida Keys Bail Bonds: How Much Will I Pay?

Written on October 5, 2011 by admin in Bail Bonds

When it comes to Florida Keys bail bonds, you aren’t going to simply walk while the agency pays everything. In fact, you’ll be responsible for some of the money.

The Fee

First of all, you’ll be paying a fee. This is 10-15% of your full bail and is the payment that the bail bonds agency receives for handling your bail for them. They will put up the money for the bail, but when you have appeared in all the court dates required, the money is returned to the agency, which is why they require a fee. That fee is the payment for doing their job.


Sometimes people skip out on bail and, as you can imagine, this is very bad for business if you run a Florida Keys bail bonds agency. That’s why you will be required to provide some sort of collateral. This can be a car, a house, or other property and if you don’t have anything of sufficient value yourself, a family member or friend may be willing to put something up for you.

Bail bonds can be a risky business, so it makes sense that you need to give the agency all the assurances possible that you will not run and they will get their money back. This is particularly true in cases where the amount of the bail is extremely high.

Working with Florida Keys bail bonds agencies can go very smoothly if you have everything ready. While you will have to pay a small amount, it’s very little in comparison to your actual bail.