Coming Up with Bail Bonds: Florida Keys Agencies and What to Watch for

Written on June 5, 2011 by admin in Bail Bonds

When it comes to finding bail bonds, Florida Keys bonds agencies are easy to find. This doesn’t mean the first one you see is the one you should go with, however. Make sure you take a minute to check out the credentials of the bondsmen, talk to them and see just how friendly they are. There are a few things to watch for.

Poor customer service. If they are unfriendly on the phone, you probably don’t want to talk to the agents at the service on a weekly basis. You might end up waiting up to a year for your trial and that can mean you’re stuck with judgmental bondsmen for the entire time.

New registration. Brand new agencies don’t yet know the ropes, so unless they have agents that are experienced, you want to stay away from these and look for someone with more experience. This will speed up the entire bonds process and get you out of jail faster.

Difficult to get a hold of. If you find yourself calling several times to talk to the bondsman, chances are he’s not a good fit. You want an agency that is alert and ready to jump on any potential issues quickly. They will be able to get you out faster this way, whereas you could end up having problems in the future with someone who rarely answers his or her phone.

Once you’ve discounted any companies that fall under these behaviors, you should be left with an agency that is worth working with. Look for experience and friendliness first, then choose the best option for you in bail bonds. Florida Keys is full of choices.