Florida Keys Bail Bonds: Do You Really Need Them?

Written on May 30, 2011 by admin in Bail Bonds

One of the biggest complaints about Florida Keys bail bonds, or bonds in any area, really, is the fact that the money is non-returnable. When you pay the court, you can recover the money after the trial is over, provided you show up to every court date, as required. When you hire a bail bonds agency, however, you pay a fee that is 10-15% of the full amount and don’t get anything back in the end.

Is it worth it to pay this up front? That depends on your situation. Not everyone has the ability to come up with money to pay the complete bail, particularly if it is fairly high. The bail is set depending on how big a risk the judge feels is involved. If you have a history of crimes or running from the law, then it’s possible the bail will be even higher than normal.

For anyone who is low on cash, it doesn’t matter how low the bail is set, it will likely be too much to pay on their own. In this case, bringing in outside help such as Florida Keys bail bonds agencies or borrowing money is the best choice. This allows you to worry less, and focus more on just getting through the trial.

Do you need Florida Keys bail bonds? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Look at your situation, the amount of bail that is needed and your own funds. Will you be able to pay bail and still survive until you get that money back? If not, then you may want to talk to a bondsman.

Bail Bonds: Florida Keys Options for Paying Bail

Written on May 16, 2011 by admin in Bail Bonds

Financial concerns can be devastating, particularly when someone you love is in jail. Fortunately, you have the option of bail bonds. Florida Keys bonds agencies allow you to pay just a portion of the full bail amount, which is much easier to come up with.

In cases where the accused is being held on state charges, only 10% has to be paid to the bail bonds agency. If the bail is set at $10,000, for example, then the bonds fee is just $1,000, which can be easily pulled together, even if money is tight. Federal charges require, by law, a 15% fee, which is still quite feasible for family and friends to get together in most cases.

Rather than stressing out about how to pay a bail amount that is too high, consider bail bonds. Florida Keys offers quite a few options in bonds agencies, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone to help. Make certain that you have collateral which is usually required in order to post bail, just in case the accused decides not to show up for court.

Finding a bail bond agency is relatively simple, the biggest problem is finding one that you are comfortable with. Many come across as sleazy and impersonal. Make sure you choose an agency that is going to treat you well. The accused will have to be in continuous contact with them during the wait for trial, so it is worth it to look for a good bail bonds Florida Keys agency.